Returns policy

Returns policy: cover

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Returns policy

1.       Introduction

1.1    We understand that from time to time you may wish to return a product to us.

1.2    We have created this policy to enable you to return products to us in appropriate circumstances.

1.3    This policy shall apply [to all of our customers, irrespective of their geographical location].

1.4    This policy shall apply to [all orders submitted through our website].

1.5    This document does not affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer (such as rights under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 or the Consumer Rights Act 2015).

2.       Returns

2.1    If you have no other legal right to return a product and receive a refund or exchange, then you will nonetheless be entitled to return a product to us and receive a refund in accordance with this policy if:

(a)    we receive the returned product within [30] days following [the date of dispatch of the product to you];

(b)    the returned product is [unused, in its original unopened packaging (with any seal or shrink-wrap intact), with any labels still attached, and otherwise in a condition enabling us to sell the product as new];

(c)    you comply with the procedure set out in this policy in relation to the return of the product; and

(d)    none of the exclusions set out in this policy apply.

3.       Returns procedure

3.1    In order to take advantage of your rights under this policy, you must [contact us to obtain a return authorisation number, and then send the product to us with a covering note quoting that number].

3.2    Products returned under this policy must be [sent by Royal Mail Signed For delivery] to [postal address].

3.3    [You will be responsible for paying postage costs associated with returns under this policy.] OR [We will pay the costs associated with the return of products in accordance with this policy.]

4.       Exclusions

4.1    The following types of product may not be returned under this policy:

(a)    [food, drink and any other products liable to deteriorate within the period of [3 months] following dispatch];

(b)    [DVDs, CDs and other audio or video or audio-visual recordings];

(c)    [computer software (whether on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or otherwise)];

(d)    [newspapers, periodicals, magazines or similar products];

(e)    [toiletries and cosmetics];

(f)     [any product made to your specification];

(g)    [any product made to order];

(h)    [any product personalised or adapted for you]; or

(i)     [gift vouchers].

[additional list items]

5.       Refunds

5.1    We will give you a refund for the price you paid to us in respect of any product properly returned by you in accordance with this policy.

5.2    We will[ not] refund to you the original delivery charges relating to the returned product.

5.3    [We will refund to you your reasonable postage costs incurred returning the product to us.] OR [We will not refund to you any costs you incur in returning the product to us.]

5.4    We will usually refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for your purchase.

5.5    We will process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any event, within 30 days following the day we receive your returned product.

6.       Improper returns

6.1    If you return a product in contravention of this policy, and you do not have any other legal right to a refund or exchange in respect of that product:

(a)    we will not refund the purchase price or exchange the product;

(b)    we may retain the returned product until you pay to us such additional amount as we may charge for re-delivery of the returned product; and

(c)    if we do not receive payment of such additional amount within 14 days of issuing a request for payment, we may destroy or otherwise dispose of the returned product in our sole discretion without any liability to you.

7.       Our details

7.1    This website is owned and operated by [name].

7.2    Our principal place of business is at [address].

7.3    You can contact us:

(a)    [by post, using the postal address [given above]];

(b)    [using our website contact form];

(c)    [by telephone, on [the contact number published on our website from time to time]]; or

(d)    [by email, using [the email address published on our website from time to time]].

[additional list items]

Returns policy: drafting notes

We created this returns policy precedent for ecommerce websites selling products to businesses, consumers or a mixture of the two groups.  The policy sets out the circumstances in which products may be returned, and details the procedure that must be followed when returning a product. It also explains how refunds will be given, and what happens if a product return does not follow the required procedure.  The law provides that sellers must allow customers to return products in certain circumstances. The statutory return rights available to consumers (rather than business customers) include a general right to return products purchased under contracts that have been entered into at a distance. In the usual case, that right is available until the end of the period of 14 days following the delivery of the products. Similarly, customers may have a legal right to return faulty or mis-described products.  Those kinds of mandatory return rights are provided for in our terms and conditions of sale template. This returns policy template, on the other hand, can be used to offer customers supplemental (i.e. extra-statutory) rights of return.  This policy, together with one of our terms and conditions of sale documents, is included in each of our online shop packs.

Section 1: Introduction

Section 1.3

Optional element. Do you wish to specify which customer locations this document applies to?

  • Which categories of customer benefit from the rights set out in this document?

Section 1.4

Optional element. Do you wish to specify which types of order the document applies to?

  • To which orders does the document apply?

Section 1.5

Optional element. Will this document apply to any contracts with consumers (B2C transactions)?

Section 2: Returns

Section 2.1

  • What is the length of the period during which returns are permitted (in days)?
  • When does the returns period begin to run?
  • What condition must returned products be in?

Section 3: Returns procedure

Section 3.1

  • Describe the procedure that must be followed when returning a product.

Section 3.2

  • What postage/delivery method should be used for returns under this document?
  • To what address should products be returned?

Section 3.3

  • Who will be responsible for paying the costs associated with the return of a product (typically, postage costs)?

Section 4: Exclusions

Optional element.

Section 4.1

  • Which categories of products should be specifically excluded from the right of return?
  • In respect of products that are liable to deteriorate, what period applies?

Section 5: Refunds

Section 5.2

  • Will original delivery charges be excluded from the refund?

Section 5.3

Optional element. Will or may a customer incur any costs when returning a product?

  • Will the operator refund return postage costs?

Section 6: Improper returns

Optional element.

Section 7: Our details

Optional element.

Section 7.1

  • What is the name of the company, partnership, individual or other legal person or entity that owns and operates the website?

Section 7.2

Optional element.

  • Where is the relevant person’s head office or principal place of business?

Section 7.3

Optional element.

  • By what means may the relevant person be contacted?
  • Where is the relevant person’s postal address published?
  • Either specify a telephone number or give details of where the relevant number may be found.
  • Either specify an email address or give details of where the relevant email address may be found.